Dyeing Wool in Scarlet, Salmon, and Rose Colour with the Same Bath.

Practical Magazine 17, 1876

(Chemistry applied to the Arts, Manufactures, &c.
Dyeing, Calico Printing, Bleaching, Tanning, and Allied Subjects.)

M. F. SPRINGMUHL gives the following receipt for a scarlet bath which will also produce salmon and rose colours. The scarlet dye is produced by a liquid composed as follows for 110 lbs. of yarn:

11 lbs. of cochineal of good quality,
3¾ lbs. of salt of tin,
6¼ lbs. of oxalic acid,
11 lbs. of Dyer’s spirit,
¼ lb. of flavine.

Boil for a quarter of an hour, then let it cool, and you have a scarlet dye into which the yarn is to be dipped. Then boil gradually, and keep up the boiling for an hour.

If 5½ lbs. of oxalic acid and 2¾ lbs. of salt of tin be added, boiled for a quarter of an hour, and then cooled, salmon colour may be obtained by treating the yarn as above.

If to this second bath 6½ lbs. of Dyer's spirit, and 4 lbs. of cochineal be added, then boiled, and suffered to cool, the yarn may be dyed a deep rose colour. If, lastly, 3¾ lbs. of Dyer's spirit be added, the yarn will have a bright rose colour. If too much flavine is used with the first bath, the rose tints cannot be obtained.

Dyer’s spirit is thus prepared:–
6 gallons of water,
33 lbs. of acetic acid,
2¾ lbs. of hydrochloric acid,
6 lbs. of grated tin, which is added in small quantities

- Technologiste

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