Graphite Products.

Manufacturer and builder 6, 1885

We have taken occasion before in these columns to speak of the merits of the Americal graphite used by the Dixon Crucible Co., of Jersey City, N. J., and employed by them in the manufacture of their pencils, and wish now more especially to call attention to another of their graphite products - the Silica-Graphite roof paint. This paint is claimed to cover twice the surface of white lead; is durable, and makes a handsome appearance. This paint is also admirable for iron work, and has been applied with the most satisfactory results on machinery, boiler fronts, locomotives, etc. The graphite used by the Dixon company is from their own mines at Ticonderoga, N. Y., and is of a very superior quality, which, taken together with the fact that they employ only the best class of workmanship and have unsurpassed facilities of manufacture, give their products the reputation they have so long enjoyed.

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