Dyeing of Wool.

Practical Magazine 15, 1876

(Chemistry applied to the Arts, Manufactures, &c.
Dyeing, Calico Printing, Bleaching, Tanning, and Allied Subjects.)

The following receipts for dyeing wool appear in the "Moniteur Industriel Belge":

Black upon flocks, resisting the fulling mill

For 50 kilogrammes.
20 kilos. of logwood.
7 " yellow-wood.
6 " sumac.
2½ " tartar.

Boil the wool in this bath for two hours, then replace the evaporated water, and wet the wool, continually shaking it, with the solution of
2½ kilos. of sulphate of iron,
1½ kilo. of sulphate of copper.

Boil for an hour. For a bluish black wet the wool as above, as soon as it is lukewarm, with 2 kilos. of ammoniac, and then rinse and dry it well.

For a deep black substitute for ammoniac 1½ kilo. of bichromate of potass, dissolve it in boiling water, and boil for a quarter of an hour.

Blue; for 15 kilos. of wool spun for knitting.

Mordant by boiling for an hour in a bath containing 1 kilo. of alum, 1 kilo. of tartar, about 500 grammes of indigo carmine, and 150 grammes of salt of tin. Take out the wool, and let half the bath flow away, replacing it by cold water, and dye at 50°C. (112°Fahr.) with 2 kilos. 500 grammes of log-wood.

Olive; for 15 kilos. of wool.

Boil with one kilo. of bi-sulphate of potass and 150 grammes of sulphate of copper, about 2 kilos. 500 grammes of archil, 250 grammes of turmeric, 250 grammes of sulphate of indigo and garnet, according to the shade required.

Maroon on wool, resisting the fulling mill

For 50 kilogrammes.

Prepare a dyeing bath as follows:

To a clear solution of 10 kilos. of catechu add 2 kilos. of logwood and 2 kilos. 500 grammes of tartar.

Boil the wool for two hours in this bath, rinse, and add to the above bath 2 kilos. of bichromate of potass and 1 kilo. of sulphate of copper. Put the wool in, and boil for half-an-hour or an hour, according to the shade required, and then rinse.

Deep Blue on flocks of wool, resisting the fulling mill

For 50 kilogrammes.

Give a ground of blue, rinse in hot water, and mordant for an hour in a boiling bath containing —
500 grammes of bichromate of potass,
5 kilos. of alum,
250 grammes of copper, 180 grammes of salt of tin,
then dye with the addition of 500 grammes of sulphuric acid, rinse, and dry.

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