An improved Process of Tanning.

Practical Magazine 18, 1876

(Chemistry applied to the Arts, Manufactures, &c.
Dyeing, Calico Printing, Bleaching, Tanning, and Allied Subjects.)

A French patent has been obtained by M. TRAMIER, of Marseilles, for a rapid method of tanning hides by the injection of a mixture of carbonic acid and air in variable proportions, according to the condition of the skins. This mixture is directed by means of a pump to the lower part of the vats, in which the hides are placed with a solution of tannin in water. The vats are fitted with tubes containing capillary holes through which the gas passes and thus keeps up currents of bubbles which, continuously renewing the action of the tannin on the surface of the hides, dilate their pores, and facilitate the absorption of the tannin by the gelatinous and albuminoid substance of the hides, so as to convert them quickly into leather of good quality.

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