XLII. To raise a relief on varnish.

Valuable Secrets concerning Arts and Trades:
or Approved Directions, from the best Artists, for the Various Methods...
Printed by Thomas Hubbard,
Norwich, 1795
Chap. III. Secrets for the composition of Varnishes, &c.

XLII. To raise a relief on varnish.

1. Dissolve one ounce and a half of gum arabic in two pounds of water. Grind with it bol Armeniac, and whitening on a porphyry stone, till all is well united and incorporated. With this, composition, fill up the vacancies between the outlines of your design, and form, ash is proper, the various reliefs, with the suitable proportions, and according to the sorts of things you are to imitate or represent. Then smooth the parts, and let it dry.

2. Next have ready prepared, in shells, the different sorts of metals which you want to use, diluted with gum-water; and, with a pencil, cover what places you are to cover. When this is also dry, burnish skilfully with an ivory tooth, and lay a coat of clear varnish over the whole. A moderate heat is required for a moment to help that varnish to dry.

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