LX. A very fine red varnish.

Valuable Secrets concerning Arts and Trades:
or Approved Directions, from the best Artists, for the Various Methods...
Printed by Thomas Hubbard,
Norwich, 1795
Chap. III. Secrets for the composition of Varnishes, &c.

1. Take oil of spike, one pound; and litharge as much. Boil both together, for one quarter of an hour, in order to clarify the oil, or, what is called, ungreasing it. When thus clarified, or ungreased, take one pound of it, and six ounces of shell-lack, which you melt together in a matrass, or a varnished pipkin. Then, dilute in it some cinnabar, which had previously been grinded on a stone, with chamber-lye; and the varnish is done.

2. Of this composition, lay first three or four coats on your work, and allow time sufficient, between each coat, to dry. When the last is given, lay on another of pure and clear varnish without cinnabar, made with one part of spirit of wine, and four of oil of spike, and some shell-lack.

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