CX. A fine red water, for miniature painting.

Valuable Secrets concerning Arts and Trades:
or Approved Directions, from the best Artists, for the Various Methods...
Printed by Thomas Hubbard,
Norwich, 1795
Chap. V. Secrets concerning colours & painting.

§ VIII. Preparations of colours of all sorts for oil, water, and crayons.

1. Put, in a new glazed pipkin, one ounce Fernamburg Brasil wood, finely rasped. Pour three pints of spring water on it, with six drachms of fine white isinglass chopped very small. Place the pot on warm ashes, and keep it there for three days, during which you are to keep up the same degree of heat.

2. When the isinglass is melted, add two ounces of kermes in grain, one of alum, and three drachms of borax, all of them well pounded into powder. Boil this gently to the reduction of one half; then strain the liquor through a cloth, bottle and stop it well, and set it in the sun for a week before using.

Note. This water may very properly be used as a wash to give an agreeable bloom to pale faces.

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