§ I. To paint in varnish on wood. (Useful to Carriage painters.)

Valuable Secrets concerning Arts and Trades:
or Approved Directions, from the best Artists, for the Various Methods...
Printed by Thomas Hubbard,
Norwich, 1795
Chap. V. Secrets concerning colours & painting.

§ I. To paint in varnish on wood. (Useful to Carriage painters.)

I. The preparation of the wood, previous to the laying of colours, and the general process observed in laying them on it.

1. You must first lay on the wood two coats of Troyes-white, diluted with sizewater. Next, lay over these a third coat of ceruse. Then having mixed the colour you want with turpentine oil, add the varnish to it, and lay it on the wood, previously prepared as follows.

2. Polish the wood, first, with shavegrass or horsetail, and then with pounce-stone. Lay afterwards six or seven coats of colour mixed with varnish, allowing after each coat a sufficient time to-dry, before laying on the next; then polish over the last coat with pounce-stone grinded on marble into a subtile powder. When this is done, lay two or three coats of pure white varnish. As soon as this is dry, rub it over with a soft rag, dipt into fine olive oil, then rub it with tripoly reduced into subtile powder; and having wiped it with a clean piece of linen, pass a piece of wash-leather all over it.

II. To make a black.

1. The black is made with lamp, or ivory, black, grinded on a marble stone, with vinegar and water, till it is reduced into the most impalpable powder. To keep it, put it in a bladder.

2. There is a sort of black which, from its hue, may be termed a velvet black. This is made of sheep's trotters' bones, burnt and reduced by grinding, like the other black, into an impalpable powder. You keep it the same as the other.

III. To make a blue.

Burnt turnsol mixed with quick-lime and water, then sized with leather size, makes the blue.

IV. To make the Gridelin.

Grind cochineal with white lead and a little Venetian lake. According as you put more or less of this last ingredient, you make it darker or clearer.

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