Rules for Mixing Paints for Tints.

The Manufacturer and Builder 7, 1888

- Where can I find a set of rules for mixing paints to make tints? - C.G., Williamsburgh, N. Y.

Answer. The following collection of formulæ may be of service. More elaborate directions will be found in the hand-books on painting which have been published. A list of these can be had of all publishers of scientific books.

We append the receipts:
Red and black make ... Brown.
Lake and white make ... Rose.
White and brown make ... Chestnut.
White, blueand lake make ... Purple.
Blue and lead color make ... Pearl.
White and carmine make ... Pink.
Indigo and lampblack make ... Silver-gray.
White and lampblack make ... Lead color.
Black and Venetian red make ... Chocolate.
White and green make ... Bright green.
Purple and white make ... French white.
Light green and black make ... Dark green.
White and green make ... Pea green.
White and emeral green make ... Brilliant green.
Red and yellow make ... Orange.
White and yellow make ... Straw color.
White, blue and black make ... Pearl gray.
White, lake and vermilion make ... Flesh color.
Umber, white and Venetian red make ... Drab.
White, yellow and Venetian red make ... Cream color.
Red, blue, black and red make ... Olive.
Yellow, white and a little Venetian red make ... Buff.

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