(1040) Tobacco Colored Paper. (1047) Staining the Wood Brown.

The Manufacturer and Builder 8, 1874

(1040) Tobacco Colored Paper.
Make simply a strong decoction of tobacco leaves, and dip your tissue paper into it; if one dip does not give a color dark enough, dip again after drying. But tobacco being poisonous, and as you want something not poisonous, you may use a solution of catechu made by boiling, or a decoction of sumac, logwood, or any dye which will give you the desired shade of tobacco color.

(1047) Staining the Wood Brown.
We have to refer you again to our back numbers; page 260, Vol. I,. gives a prescription for brown staining; page 299, Vol. II, for light brown staining, as used for violins. A decoction of Brazil wood gives a redish stain, campeche a brown stain, and the mixture imitates mahogany. N. B. - Look out for nails or traces of iron in the wood, as they make black spots. In such cases it is better to use burnt sienna, mixed with Vandyke brown, and put on with oil.

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