Notes & Queries. Q. 3226. Paint for Boiler Fronts.

The Manufacturer and Builder 6, 1883

Referring to this question, which we left undecided in our issue of last month, we may add that we have received from one of our correspondents a note, in which he makes a very flattering recommendation of the Silico-Graphite Paint for smoke stacks, locomotives, etc., manufactured by the Dixon Crucible Co., of Jersey City, as an excellent application for boiler fronts. This paint is furnished already mixed, and may be further thinned down with oil when desired thinner. The practice reported by one of the master-mechanics at the Hornellsville shops of the Erie Railway Co., on locomotive smoke stacks, it strikes us, would be useful to follow in the case of boiler fronts. His practive is to rub the paint into the iron with waste, and, after it dries, to sift over it some finely powdered blacklead, and polish briskly with a brush. The result is reported to be a rich, glossy, smooth black surface, which will not burn off, and is very durable.

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