(Correspondence) [476] Elastic and Clean Varnish for the Leather of Ladies' Shoes.

Manufacturer and builder 10, 1872

3 pounds of rain-water are placed in a pot over fire, and when well boiling there are added 4 ounces white pulverized wax, 1 ounce clear, transparent glue in small pieces, 2 ounces pulverized gum Senegal, 2 ounces white soap scraped fine, 2 ounces brown pulverized sugar; the ingredients are placed in one by one, and every time stirred up; it is well to tae the pot from the fire every time a substance is added, to prevent boiling over when all is added, the pot is removed from the fire; when sufficiently cooled, 3 ounces alcohol are added, and finally 3 ounces fine Frankfort black, well incorporated by continued stirring. This varnish is put on the leather with a brush, and very valuable for boots and shoes, as it can be afterward polished with a large brush like ordinary shoeblacking, shows a high polish, and does not soil the clothing.

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