How Poisons are Spread.

Manufacturer and builder 4, 1878

- Mr. G. Owen Rees, Consultin Physician to Guy's Hospital, London, has called public attention to some unexpected sources of arsenical poisoning. The green calico lining of bedcurtains has been found to have produced, for months, severe symptoms, which were treated as those of natural disease, without benefit to the patient. When the curtains were removed the patients at once recovered their health. The beautiful pale-green muslin, largely used for ladies' dreesses, has been found to contain not less than 60 grains of the arsenical compound known as Scheele's green, in every square yard. He suggests that, in order to prevent much of the nausea, vomiting, headache, inflammation of the eyes, etc., from which so many suffer, there be a prohibition of the manufacture of such deleterious fabrics. Red scarlet, and mauve-colored fabrics are not always free from arsenic. He adds that the agitation of skirts in dancing discharges arsenical poison, which probably causes some of the pallor and languor almost always wholly attributed to illy ventilated and crowded rooms, and to bad champagne.

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