Coralline Dye - Injurious Effects Therefrom.

Manufacturer and builder 5 (1869?)

Mr. Bidard, professor of chemistry in Rouen, France, obtained from an Englishman some months ago a pair of stockings with a lilac-colored ground, and a design of circular lines of bright red silk. The wearing of these stockings was attended with the following consequences, as certified to by two physicians in Havre, who were called upon for advice. Each one of the red lines caused an intensely painful inflammation similar to that of a burn, which was followed by a general indisposition, having the character of a slight poisoning, which passed away only after a two days' medical attendance. A carefully conducted analysis brought the fact to light that the red dye of the silk consisted of coralline, a new coloring matter derived from carbolic acid. The lilac colour consisted of aniline violet, which, as is generally known, is perfectly harmless.

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