Coloring Metals.

Manufacturer and builder 12, 1874

- There are two methods: the firsr is that of Parker, by means of the sulphuret of lead or copper, described on page 329 of our November number 1869; the second that of Nobili, by means of an electric current, described on page 96 of our April number for 1872. In either case the metal is coated with a film of sulphid, oxid, or their equivalents, and in a few minutes articles of brass may be coated with any color, varying from gold to copper-red, then to carmine, dark red, and through the several shades of blue, according to the thickness of the coating employed. The colors possess good luster, and if the articles to be coated have previously been well cleaned, the coating will adgere with sufficient firmness to admit of polishing.

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