Poisonous Coloring Matters in Food.

Manufacturer and builder 1, 1882

In France, where more decisive and summary methods of dealing with the adulteration of articles of food and drink are the fashion than here, a very sensible order las lately been issued by the Prefect of Police in Paris, forbidding the use of any of the following substances for coloring sweetmeats, liquors and foods:

Mineral Colors. - The compounds of copper - blue verdigris, moutain blue; compounds of lead - oxides of lead, massicot and minium, oxychloride of lead, Cassel yellow, Turkish yellow, Paris yellow, carbonate of lead, lead white, antimoniate of lead, Naples yellow, sulphate of lead, chromates of lead, chrome yellow, Cologne yellow, chromate of baryta, yellow ultramarine; compounds of arsenic - arsenite of copper, Scheele's green, Schweinfurth green, sulphide of mercury, vermilion.

Organic Colors. - Gamboge and Naples aconite; fuchsine and its sub-products, such as Lyons blue, eosine; nitro-derivates, such as naphthaline yellow and Victoria yellow.

The restriction against the use of these substances in food products extends likewise to the coloring of wrapping papers for containing any kind of food; an manufacturers and dealers will be held responsible for any accidents that may occur through neglect or disobedience of the prohibition.

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