White Tanning and Glove Making in France.

Scientific American 20, 16.11.1861

White tanning, which is essentially connected with glove manufacturing, as it supplies material to the latter, has been honored by the Paris Academy with a comprehensive statistical description. According to their estimate, the number of white tanners in all France amounts to 6,000, and of glove makers to 50,000, and by the combined trade at least eight million francs are brought into circulation.

We state as a comparison, that seventy years since there were ten glove manufactories in Grenoble, producing about 8,400 dozen pairs of gloves annually; at present over 150,000 dozen are made in that city, and this figure does not represent the eight part of the quantity consumed in France, without counting the 120,000 dozen which are exported to England alone every year. By comparing the quantity and value of these goods in the past, with those of the present, we become convinced of the gigantic progress that has been made in our trade.

In the year 1765, the French white tanners used only domestic skins; now they import skins from Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Russia and even from transatlantic countries. Glove making was first carried on at Grenoble, and white tanning at Blois and Vendome; the prices of skins in those places have risen so high, that only the most celebrated manufacturers can stand against competition. - Shoe and Leather Reporter.

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