New Scarlet Dye.

Scientific American 10, 7.3.1863

A new scarlet dye of great richness is attracting considerable attention in Canada. It is prepared from an insect, a species of coccus. This new dye closely resembles true cochineal - a most expensive coloring matter, capable of being produced in warm countries only, and which is employed to give a fine and permanent dye in red, crimson and scarlet, to wool and silk. Unlike cochineal, the new dye is a native product, and capable of being produced in temperate countries. Having been but recently observed, a sufficient quantity has not yet been obtained to make a complete series of experiments as to its nature and uses; but the habits of the insect, as well as the properties of the dye, seem to indicate that it may become of great practical importance. In color it closely resembles ordinary cochineal, having rather more of the hue of the adonis autumnalis, an no doubt is entertained that other shades will also be obtained.
- Massachusetts Ploteman.

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