[882] Staining Wood.

Manufacturer and Builder 2, 1874

We know of no special work on this subject in the English language; but many prescriptions are found in different works on cabinet-making, painting, etc. In regard to the Swedish stain, it is made by a solution of permanganate of potash; this forms a rapid and excellent stain. When spread on pear or cherry wood for a few minutes, it forms a permanent dark brown, which, after careful washing, drying, oiling, and polishing, shows a beautiful reddish tone. For canes, a solution of the sulphate of manganese is used, the cane moistened with it, and slightly scorched by the flame of a spirit lamp. In this way, by much care, the wood may be given a uniform color; but it is easier to variegate it by heating some parts more than others. The dull color, when dry, becomes very rich by oiling and rubbing, then finish up after a few days by a thorough polish.

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