(1087) Bleaching with Turpentine.

Manufacturer and Builder 10, 1874

It Is true; We tried this method more than a year ago on jute. Its invention is due to M. Clocz, who communicated it to the Societe d'En-Couragement of Paris. The objects to be bleached are simply placed in a closed flask or other vessel filled with turpentine, and exposed to sunlight for three or four days. An essential precaution is to elevate the objects to be bleached slightly by means of strips of zinc, as at the bottom a layer of an acid fluid collects which soon attacks, and would finally destroy, the objects. The why of this bleaching process, is the development of ozone, which takes place from all ethereal oils, especially tinder the influence of sunlight. This nascent ozone acts on the material, and performs the bleaching process. Other ethereal oils may be also used, but turpentine is the cheapest.

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