(1057) Dyeing Wool Blue.

Manufacturer and Builder ?, 1874

We copy from a contemporary the following recipe, which we trust will answer your question fully.

"Add to the water in a kettle ½ pound of solid chlorid of tin, and carefully remove the scum that forms; then, for 20 pounds of cloth or yarn, add 2 pounds of sulphuric acid, 1 pound of sulphate of alumina, and ½ pound of chlorid of tin; work the goods in this bath a quarter of an hour at boiling temperature, and then add to the boiling bath 3 or 4 ounces of anilin blue (soluble in alcohol) in solution, prepared by bringing 1 part of it in 20 parts of strong alcohol, or in 10 parts of alcohol and 10 of acetic acid, carefully to boiling heat, and continue boiling with constant stirring for a quarter of an hour, then dilute with water, and passing through a hair sieve, (or instead of this solution, anilin blue soluble in water would be better.) For greater safety it is best to add the alcoholic solution of anilin blue, or the proper quantity of that soluble in water, in two portions, and to work the goods in the boiling bath half an hour after each addition. The color is finally improved and preserved from rubbing off by passing the goods through a cold soap or bran bath."

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