[865] XI. Artificial Auroras.

Manufacturer and Builder 2, 1874

— Consider that the electric light in question illuminates the surrounding atmosphere, which then shines with the glow of a reflected light. The same may be observed (ho sever to a lesser degree) on any damp night over New York city when seen from a distance outside. The street lanterns illuminate the foggy atmosphere, which then becomes luminous by reflection. The aurora borealis is, however, outside of our atmosphere, in and beyond the regions where the highest clouds float; and if you watch the phenomena of the first fine display, such as we had in August, 1872, you will agree that the streamers are self-luminous, and do not shine by any reflected light, that they are so perfectly similar with electric charges passing through rarefied air, and also act on the compass-needle like electric currents, therefore it is unnecessary to seek for any other far-fetched explanation.

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