The Yellow Day.

The Manufacturer and Builder 12, 1881

The 6th of September, 1881, will be long remembered for the occurence of a phenomenon throughout the New England States, which received the historic reminiscences recorded of the "Dark Day" which was witnessed in that section in the year 1780, a little over 100 years ago.

On this day (September 6th), it is reported that the sky assumed an unusual appearance from the early morning, and at noon it was so dark that fowls sought the roost, and artificial light was required in offices and business places and at the dinner table. The appearances of objects is described as being like what things would seem when viewed through smoked or stained glass. Vegetation appeared peculiarly green or blue, yellow objects of a sallow white, red objects peculiarly brilliant, while the blue wore a ghastly look. Towards sunset the phenomenon disappeared somewhat suddenly, and things again assumed their usual appearance. During the continuance of this singular phenomenon the air was quite still and calm.

Many theories and speculations have been advanced to account for it, but none thus far appear entirely satisfactory. It seems most probable that this was due to the smoke of extensive forest fires in Canada, mingling with a peculiar fog or overcast sky. The great forest fires then raging in Michigan may have likewise contributed to its occurence.

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