Growing Madder in England

Manufacturer and builder 12, 1871

Experiments made by Mr. Sidebotham, in England, in the cultivation of madder for dyeing purposes, have proved substantially a failure. The roots were nearly equal in size to fine Frenxh roots, but showed, in fracture, an orange or yellow, instead of a deep red color. On application to fabrics, the dyes derived from the madder appeared at first full in color; but, on being cleared with soap, proved quite the contrary, the purple element almost entirely wanting, and the reds and pins weak and loose. Mr. Sidebotham inclines to the opinion that good madder  can not be grown in England. This is of less importance at the present day, since chemists have discovered how to produce the different coloring principles existing in the madder by by artificial means, chiefly the alizarine, which is the red coloring principle, and the most valuable.

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