Gilder's Glue.

Manufacturer and builder 6, 1871

A very superior article of the so-called gliders' glue is obtained by cutting rabbit-skins into fine shreds, and boiling in water, then turning the mixture into a basket, through which the liquid passes, leaving the refuse behind. About fifteen hundred grains of sulphate of zinc and three hundred and seventy-five of alum are then to be separately dissolved in pure boiling water, and poured into the first-mentioned liquid, and the whole well stirred together while hot. The mixture is then to be passed through a sieve into a rectangular box, in which the jelly remains twenty-four hours in winter, or about forty-eight in summer. The mass now having become solid, is to be separated from the box, and cut into slices of proper thickness, and laid upon nets to dry, either in the open air or by means of some kind of artificial heat.

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