Intercommunication. 156. Violet Aniline-Ink.

Manufacturer and builder 7, 1871

[Kysymys puuttuu.]

- The letter you sent us was simply written with a solution of the so-called blue aniline, which has a violet shade. If you wish to make such ink, it will be best for you to buy a small quantity of the dry aniline violet - known in German as violin. It may be obtained in all large cities from wholesale importing houses, as it is now extensively used for dyeing; a very little of the dry substance makes a large quantity of solution, as it is an intensely strong coloring material. You may get it, in this way, different shades of ink, as there are great varieties of yellow, orange, red, violet, and blue aniline colors - fuchsin, urpurin, rosein or rosalin, harmatin, fuchsiacin, violin, etc.

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