Intercommunication. 169. Dyeing Ivory.

Manufacturer and builder 8, 1871

[Kysymys puuttuu.]

- Blue.
Make a very diluted solution of indigo in Northansen vitriol, neutralize it to some extent with potash, put in your ivory for a longer or shorter time in proportion as you desire a dark or light color.

- Yellow.
Make a decoction of yellow dye-wood in water, place your ivory first in a mordant of a solution of tin in aqua regia, and then in the yellow wood decoction; or take a concentrated solution of yellow chromate of potash, and then in a boiling hot solution of lead-sugar in water.

- Green.
Place the blue dyed ivory for a few moments in a solution of tin in aqua regia, and then in the hot solution of yellow wood.

- Red.
The ivory is put first in the tin solution mentioned and then in a hot decoction of Brazil-wood, cochineal, etc.

- Scarlet.
Is made in the same way by the use of the lac dye.

- Cherry red.
Place the scarlet ivory in a solution of potash in water.

- Violet.
First in the tin solution mentioned, and then in a decoction of blue dye-wood in water.

- Lilac.
Use a decoction of blue wood nearly exhausted.

- Purple.
Place violet ivory in very dilated nitric acid.

-  Aniline colors.
For any of the dye-stuffs above described aniline solutions may be substituted, and so many more colors obtained.

Black. Place your ivory in a diluted solution of nitrate of silver and then in the sun. If the color is greenish, it may be repeated. Or, take ivory dyed blue by dye-wood, and place it in a solution of sulphate of iron or acetate of iron; this gives a fine black - in fact, an ink.

- White.
Make a solution of sulphurous acid gas in water, place your ivory in the same for. two to four hours. The gaseous applica-tion of this gas, as used for whitening straw goods, etc., by burning sulphur, makes the ivory look as if full of cracks. This last prescripition is rather more bleaching than dyeing.

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