Colored Cements.

Manufacturer and builder 8(?), 1871

A writer in Comptes Rendus states that colored cements which harden rapidly may be made as follows: He takes a solution of silicate of soda (sp. gr., 1.298) and adds to it, while stirring, first pulverized and previously washed, lixiviated chalk, so as to form a thick mass, like butter, to which are added, for coloring purposes, the following substances: Finely pulverized sulphuret of antimony for black, iron filings for gray, zinc dust for whitish gray, carbonate or copper for bright green, oxide of chromium for deep green, cobalt blue for blue, red lead for orange, vermilion for bright red, and carmine for a violet hue. This cement hardens within from six to eight hours, and may afterward be polished, becoming like marble.

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