(Mainos) Ready-made Colors.

The Manufacturer and Builder 9, 1870

The present dull times offer a favorable opportunity for thorougly repairing shops, stores, etc. in preparation for the anticipated revival of active business this fall. Nothing is more truly economical, though few things are more neglected than the timely use of paint. Ever since the close of the war, the houses of this country have both growing shabby, because people were saving their money in these hard times, by avoiding repairs as far as possible. But there is a limit to all this act of temporary economy. Paint is necessary to protect as well as to ornament the structure to which it is applied, and we are now evidently on the verge of a grand national house-cleaning and repairing epoch.

Persons desiring to obtain cheap, durable, and convenient colors are cordially recommended to try the ready-made "Railroad" paints of Masury & Whiton, 111 Fulton street, New-York. Mr. J. W. Masury, of this house, is the author of the well-known work, How Shall we Paint our Houses? which has been already praised in our columbs  as combining, in a remarkable degree, practical value as a manual and literary finish as an essay.

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