Rules for Painting.

The Manufacturer and Builder 3, 1871

1. Let the groundwork be carefully prepared and dry.
2. See that the colors are well ground and duly mixed.
3. Do not mix muxh more, nor any less paints than you think will be necessary for the present work.
4. Keep the paint well mixed before using.
5. See that the paint is neither too thick to work well, nor too thin to cover properly, and apply is evenly.
6. Do not apply a asceeding coat before the previous one is dry.
7. Do not use a lighter color over a darker.
8. Do not add driers to colors long before using.
9. Use just as little dryers as will do the work.
10. Do not overcharge the brush with paint.
11. Begin with the highest part of your work and proceed downward.

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