Dyer Wanted. (ilmoitus)

Scientific American 20, 2.2.1850

Star Mill, Kensington, Phila., Jan, 18.
Messrs. Munn & Co. - We are in want of a first rate woollen dyer - a man of intelligence and particularly one of sobriety - who can dye a ll colors, both on wool and in the hank, and who would have some ambition to keep his colors always at the same shade. We dye only the wool and yarn, which we weave ourselves, on 76 looms. The dye-house is new and convenient; and as all Kensington knows, there is not a pleasanter place for a man to work at than at our mill. We should be willing to give good wages, and the man could, if he preferred, bring his own assistants, of which there would be two needed.

Respectfully yours,
Needles & Evans.

[A person who thoroughly understands the business of dyeing will find that Messrs. N. & E. can offer such inducements as will be wor/ their attention. The applicant must be a man of sobriety and intelligence.

M. & Co.

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