Scientific American 18, 20.1.1849

The true Cochineal insect has never been found in the East Indies. It is indigenous to Mexico. The British East India Company were so desirous to have it introduced into their eastern possessions, that they some years since offered a reward of £6000 to any person who might succeed in cultivating and rearing the insect in India. The kind of the Netherlands also went to pains and expence to introduce the Cochineal onsect into Java, the climate of which is supposed to be well adapted to this important article of merchanize; but we believe that all attempts to introduce it into the countries of the east, have hitherto proved unsuccessful.

This insect will yet be a source of great profit to the United States, for there is no doubt but within our boundaries, it will be raised in great quantities. It produces the most brilliant scarlet dye upon silk and wool - nothing can equal it. It is also a beautiful paint - the most brilliant of all the lakes.

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