Q. 4726. Ink for Drawings to be Photo-Engraved.

Manufacturer and Builder 7, 1893

What is the proper ink to use in making line drawings of subjects to be engraved by what is called "process work"?
—W. L., Trenton, N. J.

Answer. The only ink that will make satisfactory drawings to be subsequently used for making photo-engraved plates, is India ink, and this should be of the best quality. For this kind of work, it is absolutely necessary that the lines shall be jet black, and this cannot be obtained by any of the common inks used for writing, or other purposes. The lines given by these inks, when they have dried, appear to be more or less translucent, while for successful use in photo-engraving they must be abso-lutely opaque. No other ink than India ink will yield lines possessing this quality.

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