Luminous Paint in Theaters.

Manufacturer and Builder 7, 1887

Herr Stehle, the Government Inspector of the loyal Bavarian Court Theater, has, according to Iron, given high testimony to the use of luminous Paint as it safeguard against panic in theaters. Any explosion or disaster with gas leaves the exit passages of the theater in total darkness, and even if additional oil lamps were used, they would probably be extinguished by the air concussion. In the above-named theater inscriptions in luminous paint are suspended over the exit passages, which direct the audience to the "way out" (Ausgang). "These placards, in spite of being exposed to the very poor light of the corridors in the daytime and the gaslight in the evening, are so luminous after the gas has been turned out that any one can gain the stairs in each corridor without difficulty." The Lancet says: "The precaution is so simple and inexpensive that we wonder it is not immediately adopted in all theaters. Indeed, we see no reason why its use should not be made compulsory. Surely some provision of the kind might be included in the theaters bill now before Parliament."

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