The Young Botanists; in thirteen dialogues. (Maininta sienten väriaineista)

The Young Botanists; in thirteen dialogues.
London: Printed for Richard Phillips,
and to be had of all Booksellers.
Appendix, containing Mr. Roscoe's address to the proprietors of the Botanic Garden at Liverpool.


Nor, as we descend to the minuter specimens of the vegetable world, does their utility seem to decrease. The Musci Algæ, and probably the Fungi contain an infinite variety of dyes, which by proper processes may be extracted for the use of the manufacturer. From some of the Lichens important materials are already obtained, nor is it improbable that many others, if exposed to proper experiments, would be found, equally useful. These qualities although so generally neglected, are frequently indicated ina most striking manner. On breaking the Boletus luteus, a large fleshy production of the fungus kind, the part so broken discloses a fine yellow surface, which by the operation of the air, is in the space of one minute converted into a most beautiful blue.


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