Printing colors on textile fabrics.

Scientific American 18, 14.1.1854

F. A. Gatty, of Accrington, Lancaster, Eng., patentee. Milk of lime is about 1.10 specific gravity, is saturated with a stream of chlorine gas, whereby a solution containing chloride of calcium is obtained; 600 lbs. of alum are then dissolved in 200 gallons of water, and to this 100 gallons of the above chloride mixture is added, forming thereby chlorate and hydrochlorate of alumina in solution, and the sulphate of lime as a precipitate. The latter is separated by filtration or decantation. This solution is employed as an improved mordant, and is used the ordinary manner in the preparation of colors. This may be useful mordant for bark greens - as a substitute for aluminous pyroligneous acid; also in place of the common red liquor, and it may be a good mordant for madder colors, in place of the common mordant, which is made by mixing a solution of soda or the acetate of lead with alum.

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