Paints for roofing and other purposes.

The Scientific American 11, 10.9.1859

MESSRS. EDITORS: - A company in Philadelphia, Pa., are introducing into this city what they call a new metallic paint, which is stated to be mixed in a peculiar way, and that it is a permanent and valuable covering for metallic roofs, much more so than any of the other paints which are now used for this purpose. A new name given to fruit does not improve its flavor, neither does a new name improve the qualities of an old paint. The paint spoken of above, shows, by a quantitative analysis, that its composition, when first ground, is: —
Linseed oil       ..... 20 
Graphite (blacklead) ..... 80
                     ..... 100

This is an old paint; we have used it many years; and we have more than a tun on hand at present. It is a good paint for iron roofs, ships' bottoms, &c., but not good for copper, or new tin. The chemical action on paints, of iron, copper, and tin, is very different in its effects, as all chemists know. For new tin roofs, we find the following paints to be the most durable, viz: — pure English Venetian red, ochres, Spanish brown, and Canadian burnt sienna. The words "metallic" and "mineral" are terms that are given to utmost all newly-discovered paints; but they are very indefinite in their meaning, when thus applied. We see no reason why there should be any mystery in this matter, and any impropriety in telling our employers what materials we use, for he who pays for the materials ought to know what lie has bought. Ex-mayor Mickle has had his roofs, at Bayside, Flushing, L. I., recently painted with this graphite, which has exalted much curiosity, it being considered by many as something new, and likely to supersede all others, in durability, &c.; but such statements are not based upon facts in our long experience in painting and chemistry. This graphite, as an oil paint, is not new, neither is it more durable than the other paints we have mentioned in this article.

- Quaterman & Son.

New York, August 29, 1859

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