The Commercial Dictionary of Trade Products: X, Y, Z (väriin liittyvät sanat)

The Commercial Dictionary of Trade Products, Manufacturing and Technical Terms: with a Definition of the Moneys, Weights, and Measures, of All Countries, Reduced to the British Standard.

By P. L. Simmonds, F.R.G.S., F.S.S., author of "The Commercial Products of the Vegetable Kingdom," "Waste products and Undeveloped Substances," "The Curiosities of Food," etc., etc.

A New Edition, Revised and Enlarged.

London: George Routledge and Sons, the Broadway, Ludgate;
New York: 416, Broome Street.

a yellow acid obtained in combination with potassa, by agitating sulphuret of carbon, mixed with solutions of pure potassa, in strong alcohol.

a painter's colour of which some of the chief varieties are, spruce-orchre, Oxford-stone, common chrome, and G B S T Chrome.

an oxide of arsenic.

the dried unripe berries of the Rhamnus infectorius, imported in large quantities from the South of Europe and the Levant, for the use of dyers. The yare also known as Persian berries, and Avignon berries.

a description of Russian tallow, obtained from the fat of oxen of which there are two kinds, the best being known under the mark of P. Y. C., prime yellow candle.

a flag hoisted at the mast-head of a ship, denoting sickness, or that she is under quarantine regylations.

a composition metal of two-thirds copper and one-third zinc, for sheathing the bottoms of vessels with: 8,000 to 10,000 tons a -year made at Birmingham.

an argillaceous earth, coloured by an admixture of iron, which, when finely ground, is used as a pigment. It may be rendered red or reddish brown, by calcination in a reverberatory oven, which peroxidizes the iron.

a regulus of cobalt imported for resmelting to form smalt: 625 cwts. were imported in 1856.

a name for the Rhus cotinus and for the Chloroxylon Swielenia

the oxide of zinc, a pigment now largely used for the same purposes as white lead. It is more permanent, and not poisonous as lead is.

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a commercial name for the black female cochineal insect of Mexico, which has died naturally after the deposition of her eggs.

Zephyr yarn,
a name for dyed yarn or worsted, usually called in England, Berlin wool.

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