Blue Color for Stamping Patterns on Cloth.

Scientific American 18, 22.1.1848

Take one ounce of Prussian blue, pound it to powder and dissolve it in a little gum water wherein is mixed a little oxalic acid and white sugar. By having a greater or less quantity of water mixed with the blue and thickened to stamping consistence with gum, there will be dark and light shades produced, as may be desired.

Powdered indigo mixed with gum water, for stamping, makes but a poor color, and is easily washed out. The above receipt is rather a fast color If one ounce of powdered indigo be dissolvedin 4 ounces of sulphuric acid, and the acid neutralizes with the addition of one ounce f the acetate of lead and half an ounce of whiting, makes a fine blue for stamping with the addition of being thickened with gum.

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