To Remove Acid Stains and Restore Color.

Manufacturer and builder 7 tai 8, 1869

So many worthless recipes are published, as being really valuable and trustworthy, that, when we meet any thing which promises well, we feel inclined  to be rather skeptical in regard to its merits until we have tried it. It is perfectly safe to say that half the recipes now before the public, and found in our "books" and "cyclopedias" of recipes, are perfectly worthless and defective. The following, which we clip from one of our foreign exchanges, is "valuable if true:"

When color on a fabric has been accidentally or otherwise destroyed by acid, ammonia is applied to neutralize the same, after which an application of chloroform will in almost all cases restore the original color. The application of ammonia as above is common; that of chloriform is but little known. Chloroform will also remove paint from a garment, or otherwise, when even other, benzole, or bisulphide of carbon fails.

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