A Dictionary of Arts (supplement): Blacking for Shoes.

(A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines; containing A Clear Exposition of Their Principles and Practice)
Recent improvements in
Arts, Manufactures, and Mines:
Being A supplement to his Dictionary
by Andrew Ure, M. D.,

Illustrated with one hundred and ninety engravings.

New York: D. Appleton & Company, 200 Broadway.  Philadelphia: George S. Appleton, 148 Chestnut St.

BLACKING FOR SHOES. (Cirage des bottes, Fr.; Schuhschwärze.)

The following prescription for making liquid and paste blacking is given by William Bryant and Edward James, under the title of a patent, dated December, 1836. Their improvement consists in the introduction of caoutchouc, with the view, possibly, of making the blacking waterproof: -

18 ounces of caoutchouc are to be dissolved in about 9 pounds of hot rape oil. To this solution 60 pounds of fine ivory black, and 45 pounds of molasses, are to be added, along with 1 pound of finely ground gum arabic, previously dissolved in 20 gallons of vinegar, of strength No. 24. These mixed ingredients are to be finely triturated in a paint mill till the mixture becomes perfectly smooth. To this varnish 12 pound of sulphuric acid are to be now added in small successive quantities, with powerful stirring for half an hour. The blacking thus compounded is allowed to stand for 14 days, it being stirred half an hour daily; at the end of which time, 3 pounds of finely ground gum arabic are added; after which the stirring is repeated half an hour every day for 14 days longer, when the liquid blacking is ready for use.

In making the paste blacking, the patentees prescribe the above quantity of India rubber oil, ivory black, molasses, and gum arabic, the latter being dissolved in only 12 pounds of vinegar. These ingredients are to be well mixed, and then ground together in a mill till they form a perfectly smooth paste. To this paste 12 pounds of sulphuric acid are to be added in small quantities at a time, with powerful stirring, which is to be continued for half and hour after the last portion of the acid has been introduced. This paste will be found fit for use in about seven days.

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