Permanent White Lead Paint.

Scientific American 31, 22.4.1848

Every person knows that white lead paint always turns yellow if not exposed to the rays of light. Nothing is more common in houses than to see behind shutters and in corners a dirty yellow where a white should be. This evil has been completely remedied by Mr. James Coppuck of Mount Holly, N. J., who has produced a matchless white, which has been nailed up for months in a close box and has retaiend all its pristine whiteness. The substance or substances he uses makes all the pigments nearly with which it is combined, exceedingly permanent. Some of these have now stood the test for years and with the inventor, Mr. Coppuck, it is no longer an experiment. Further more information may be obtained of him, and we believe that a good opportunity is presented for those who may desire to engage in its introduction.

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