This Lady is Dyeing Her Hair

LIFE 27.11.1950

Home process works in fifteen minutes

Thanks to improved processes, dyed hair no longer looks as artificial as it did years ago and, that's to changed social ideas, it no longer automatically labels a woman as "fast." But until recently the time and money involved have kept most women from getting their hair dyed. Their latest encouragement to try it is a new product called Tintair. Selling for $2, it enables a woman to change the color of her hair at home simply by painting the dye on. The danger of streaking, which has always made home bleaching a risky centyre, is averted by a catalyst in the dye which stops color oxidation when it has reached maximum intensity - about 15 minutes. In one operation the hair can be lightened considerably - as shown by these pictures of the brunette (above) who becomes a redhead (left.) Less spectacular but more usedul to older women are shades in natural colors which hide gray hairs. On the basis of beauty parlor statistics, Tintair thinks there are 10 million women in the U.S. who would like their hair dyed, and it expects its product to color American hair almost as universally as the home Toni Wave curled it.

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