Hair-dyeing, and extreme form of togetherness

LIFE 9.9.1957

(Artikkelikokonaisuudesta Going Steady)

When two people are togerher almost all the time, there are bound to be some dull moments. Around the U.S., teen-agers who go steady work to keep this from happening and have devised sundry gimmicks. In New Jersey, for instance, some tie their shoes from top to bottom to show they are goung steady (and from bottom to top if they want to go steady).

The newest way to a few couples have of calling attention to their steady status is identical hair-dyeing. The idea is for the boy and girl to pick a shade different from their natural hair and then color each other with it. This marks them irrevocably for each other - at least until new hair grows in.

Thus far this craze seems centered in the Atlanta area and those who have indulged in it to date are not considered oddballs. Don Keiser (beow) captains the basketball team at Decatur High, and his girl, Harvey Howell, is widely admired. But Harvey's comment on seeing herself as a dripping brunette might express the reaction of many. "Do you think they'll know me?" she asked. "They'll probably think that Don's gotten a new girl."

Blond steadies, Susan Harper, 17, and John Steinhauer, 18, rub noses on diving board. They had been dating exclusively for a couple of months before taking the big step.

Applying rinse, Harvey Howell, 17, blackens light brown hair of her steady date, Don Keiser, 18.

Matching color, Don puts black rinse on Harvey's blond hair as she surveys herself in a mirror.

Turning brunet, John gets black dye applied by Susan while he holds his head over bowl.

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