Kalsomining Walls.

Manufacturer and builder 5, 1869

Kalsomining is a species of whitewashing, but differs from it in that, instead of lime, Paris white is used. This paint is a sulphate of baryta, and may be procured at any drug or hardware store. In order to prepare kalsomine, soak one fourth of a pound of glue over night in tepid water. The next day put it into a tin vessel, with a quart of water, set the pail in a kettle of water over the fire, and keep it there until it boils, and then stir constantly till the glue is dissolved. Next, take from six to eight pounds of Paris white, in another vessel, pour on hot water and stir until it has the appearance of lime-milk. Add the sizing, stir well, and apply it to the wall with an ordinary white-wash brush while yet warm.

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