Beware of Hair-Dyes

Manufacturer and builder 8, 1870

Our office was lately visited by a gentleman whose scalp was dyed with the same dark-brown color as his hair. In the course of conversation he complained of trouble with his eyes, and as most hair-dyes contain substances poisonous to the human system, which in many instances have produced the inflammation called aphthalmia, this did not surprise us. The complaint is well known to physicians, and the best cure for it is to abandon the use of all hair-dyes and cosmetics. The worst of all such preparations are those which are said not to be dyes, but claim to restore the hair to its natural color. One article called "Hair Life" consists principally of lead, sulphur, and lime. Some of these compounds contain tincture of cantharides, a substance which irritates the skin, and after protracted use is apt to produce serious difficulties of a peculiar nature.

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