The Engineer's and Mechanics Encyclopædia: Kermes.

The Engineer's and Mechanics Encyclopædia,
comprehending practical illustrations of the machinery and processes employed in every description of manufacture of the British Empire.
With nearly Two Thousand Engravings.
By Luke Hebert, civil engineer, edifor of the History and Progress of the Steam Engines, Register of Arts and Journal of Patent Inventions, etc.
In two volumes.
London: Thomas Kelly, 17, Paternoster Row.
Kermes is an insect found in many parts of Asia and the south of Europe. On account of their figure they were a long time taken for the seeds of the tree on which they feed, whence they were called grains of kermes; they also bore the name of vermilion. It has been much used in dyeing worsted and woollen cloth of a scarlet colour, though the preference is given to the scarlet from cochineal, especially since the discovery of the mode of heightening its tint by the solution of tin.

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