The Engineer's and Mechanics Encyclopædia: Sumach.

The Engineer's and Mechanics Encyclopædia,
comprehending practical illustrations of the machinery and processes employed in every description of manufacture of the British Empire.
With nearly Two Thousand Engravings.
By Luke Hebert, civil engineer, edifor of the History and Progress of the Steam Engines, Register of Arts and Journal of Patent Inventions, etc.
In two volumes.
London: Thomas Kelly, 17, Paternoster Row.
A vegetable substance, extensively employed in tanning and dying. It consists of the young shoots of a shrub, that grows naturally in many parts of the Mediterranean; the shoots, after being dried, are reduced lo powder in a mill, which adapts it to the immediate use of the tanner and dyer: it abounds in tannin and the gallic acid, strikes a deep and rich black with the salts of iron, and is eminently valuable in the arts alluded to, (which see,) and many others.

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