Q. 4373. Antique, or Egyptian, Blue.

Manufacturer and Builder 6, 1890

Has the composition of the blue mineral pigment found on the walls of ancient Egyptian temples and sarcophagi, and in Pompeii, ever been ascertained?
— J. L. W., Germantown, Pa.

Answer. The almost indestructible blue pigment employed by ancient mural painters, has been made the subject of a number of examinations by chemists. It has been imitated by fusing a mixture of white sand, 70 parts; oxide of copper, 15; chalk, 25; and dry sodium carbonate, 6 parts. The result of this fusion is a blue enamel analogous, in respect of color and texture, to the antique ccerulean enamel. Another formula for the same material is the following Sodium carbonate (dry), 1 part; copper oxide, 2; chalk, 4; and white sand, 8 parts.

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