The Color of Pure Water.

Manufacturer and Builder ?, 1883

An effort has been made by Herr Victor Meyer to determine the color of pure water. He has found that it is a shade between blue and green. Taking two glass tubes 40 millimeters in diameter and about 1.5 meters in length, he connected them by means of rubber tubing, forming a tube about 7½ meters long. Both ends of this tube are fixed in glass plates and fitted with metal sockets, which are provided with brass nozzles for filling the tube. All being arranged, the tube is placed in a perfectly horizontal position and covered with a black cloth. Upon looking through the empty tube the field of vision appears colorless, as the cloth and the metal sockets prevent the glass from exerting any influence. As soon, however, as the tube is filled with distilled water and intense bluish-green color is observed.

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